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What Is the Directory? (file size 2.8mb)


Energy and the Environment

Introduction (file size 1.4mb)

Revisionist Evolution
Frequently Asked Questions

Part 1. Petrolistan - Oil & War (file size 1.4mb)

The Countries With Oil
The U.S. Military in Petrolistan
Transportation Danger
Cost of U.S. Military Presence & Financial Aid
Democracy & Human Rights
Corruption and Poverty
Resource Use (Like Lemmings)
Petrolistan - The Sequel

Part 2. Fire on Ice - Liquefied Natural Gas

Safety - A Look At the Record
Safety - The Best and Worst Case
The Great Cold Rush
LNG in the Lone Star State
Secure the Perimeter
Texas LNG Terminals

Corpus Christi
Calhoun County
Port Arthur

LNG Around the Country
LNG in the Northeast
The Energy Bridge
LNG on the West Coast
LNG Down South
Possession is 9/10ths of the Law
New Rules
The Price of the Bottom Line

Part 3. Ten Things People Can Do To Use Clean Energy (file size 1.1mb)

Retrofit Your Residence
Efficient Heating & Cooling
Efficient Appliances
Energy-Efficient Lamps
Water Heating
Renewable Energy
Efficient Vehicles
Alternative Motorized Transportation

Part 4. Out of the Wilderness - Strategies Austin Can Take for Clean Energy (file size 4.4mb)

Hold On To The Wind
National Research & Development Consortium
Maximum Efficiency
More Effective Building and Appliance Codes
Expand the Green Building Program
Mandatory Requirements in Rental Buildings
Heat Island Mitigation
Municipalize the Gas Company
Green Power for Local Governments

Air Quality (file size 185.5kb)

Clean Energy Programs (file size 2.0mb)

Commercial Energy Management Services
Solar PV Rebate Program
Residential Efficiency Programs
List of Energy-Efficient Apartments

Environmental Groups (file size 2.1mb)

Environmental Justice
Grassroots Organizing
Special Purpose
Trees & Plants
Water Quality

Green Building (file size 3.2mb)

What Does It Mean To Be Green?
Residential Projects
Zero Energy Homes Project
Commercial Projects
Green Rated Apartment Communities
Green Remodeling
Low-Toxic Paints
Floor Materials
Concrete Alternatives

Locally Grown Food (file size 3.2mb)

Farmers Markets, Farms Stands, CSAs

Parks and Preserves (file size 4.6mb)

Parks and Preserves (Non-Profits)
Travis County Parks
State of Texas Parks
Austin Nature & Science Center

Recycling and Composting (file size 1.8mb)

Hazardous Materials Collection
City of Austin Recycling Program
Used Oil Collection Centers

Water Conservation Programs (file size 1.6mb)

Indoor Programs
Industrial/Commercial Incentives Programs
Outdoor Programs
Public Education Programs
Year-Round Water Use Management

From The 2003 Directory:

Environmental Business

Part 1. Green Business and Austin's Economy (file size: 736 kb)

Introduction - Kick 'em While They're Down
A Fairy Tale
The Jungle
Austin's Industrial Foundation
Military Contracts
A Clean Industry?
Meet Your Chamber of Commerce

Part 2. The Town That Won the Pennant: A Short History of Austin's Economic Development (file size: 216 kb)

T-Ball: The Incubator at Balcones Research Center
Little League: Privately Funded Recruitment Effort - 1948
The Bush Leagues: The Chamber of Commerce - 1956
The Majors: IBM and the Branch Plants
The All Stars - 1983
Team Infighting: Owners Fire Management - 1983
Injury During Game - 1985
Grand Slam
New Season
A Two Team Town
Final Thoughts

Part 3. Creating An Employment Base From Environmental Business (file size: 1469 kb)

The Monument to Diversification
Balancing the Risk

Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation
Wind Power
Light Emitting Diodes
Photovoltaic Electricity
A More Environmental Car

Capacitors, Electric Vehicles, & Battery Life Extension
Plant-Based Motor Oil and Hydraulic Fluids
By-Pass Oil Filters
Plant-Based Plastics

Dextrose-Based Polymers
Soy-based Plastic
Bioplastic Composites
Local Environmental Paper Production

New York's Mini-Mill
Fiber from Plants
Green Building Products

Aerated Concrete
Pervious Concrete
Building Material from Straw
Locally-Grown Food Businesses

Boggy Creek Farm
The Ft. Worth Market
Community Supported Agriculture
Food Incubators
Stemming Food Imports

Part 4. Strategies for Promoting Environmental Businesses (file size: 390 kb)

Green Money
Which Bottom Line
Yankee Brains
Environmentally-Preferable Purchasing
Major Employers Survey
Green Taxes
Happily Ever After

Austin's Creeks (file size 1.9mb)

Blunn Creek
Boggy Creek
Bull Creek
Buttermilk Creek
Country Club Creek
East Bouldin Creek
Fort Branch
City of Austin Smartscape
Harper's Branch
Johnson Creek
Little Walnut Creek
Shoal Creek
Tannehill Branch
Waller Creek
Walnut Creek
West Bouldin Creek
Williamson Creek
Barton Springs/Edwards Aquifer Conservation District