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Austin Bergstrom International Airport

At 80% reduction in carbon emissions and counting, Austin’s airport will spread renewable electric power beyond buildings. The terminal of Austin-Bergstrom International Airport began using the 100% renewable electric power of Austin Energy’s GreenChoice three years ago. This reduced carbon emissions from the airport by 80%.

Now that same green energy will spread to vehicles on the airfield. The airline tugs that pull luggage carts and load bags will convert from diesel to electric. These electric vehicles will charge by plugging into the terminal’s existing supply of GreenChoice electricity. This continues the Green history the airport from its start as a recycled Air Force base to a newly opened LEED Silver certified building.

Find more “Green Gems” of the airport at our Web site.

City of Austin Sustainability Office

Our Office advances local sustainability strategies and climate action across the City government and within the Austin community. Some of our programs and projects include:

• Sustainability Action Agenda – a framework used to track and report on the tangible benefits achieved through City-wide sustainability initiatives.

• Climate Protection Program – working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at both the municipal and community-wide level, as well as support climate resilience strategies.

• Austin Green Business Leaders Program – giving local businesses tools and resources to save money, expand market share, protect the environment, and support the local community.

Travis County Environmental Programs

Travis County provides a wide range of environmental services and programs for residents including: Household Hazardous Waste Disposal (in partnership with City of Austin). For information click here or call 512-854-4496. Report Illegal Dumping online or by calling 1-877-NO DUMPS (CAPCOG). Qualifying residents may be eligible for assistance with vehicle emission repairs and vehicle replacement. See Drive a Clean Machine or call 512-854-9383. Development permits for buildings, driveways, septic systems, or any man-made changes to land. This may include Storm Water Management. The County provides volunteering opportunities in the Balcones Canyonlands Preserve. See Volunteering or call 512-854-9437. For information on wildfires preparedness see Ready, Set, Go! and The Community Wildfire Protection Plan.