Colorado River Alliance

Outdoor hydrology class

Colorado River Alliance
3625 Lake Austin Blvd.
Austin, TX 78703
Contact: Scott Sticker (512) 498-1587
The Colorado is the lifeline of Central Texas. With massive population growth in Central Texas, and unpredictable climate changes, it is imperative that children learn to be responsible water stewards to maintain the River’s quality and quantity to provide for the region’s future.
Audiences: Schools – Grades 3 thru Middle School; Home schools; Boy and Girl Scouts in summer.
Redbud Field Trip Program: 3rd – 5th grade students. Children always enjoy field trips and water is really exciting. About 50-60 kids at a time learn the basics: the hydrological cycle; pollution; flooding; hydroelectricity; and water management. There is a scale model of the Highland Lakes.   Program is available to about 3,500 AISD children annually at Central Austin location.
Mobile River Program: 7th grade and up. A 42-foot mobile traveling trailer offers an interactive exhibit to every middle school in AISD, as well as other local districts up and down stream. The exhibit challenges students to consider how and why to protect and preserve the Texas Colorado River.
Both programs free and integrated into school curriculum.
Volunteer Opportunities: Lake Travis Cleanup – As many as 1,200 children and adults work on a massive annual clean-up effort of Lake Travis in mid-September. Smaller clean-up events held throughout the year.

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