Commercial Conservation Programs


Saving energy and money can determine the success or failure of a business.  Commercial energy efficiency rebates and incentives through the Austin Energy Commercial Rebate program help small to large businesses and non-profits maintain a comfortable working environment while saving energy, all at a lower cost.  For more information, visit

Commercial New Construction Rebates

Grocery store with efficient lighting and daylighting

This Austin grocery store used natural daylight and efficient lamps to save 61% of lighting electricity used by a normal building.


If you plan to build a new building or renovate an existing one, Austin Energy can help you save energy and money throughout the process and after the project is completed.  The process is simple: Austin Energy reviews the construction plans, determines rebate eligibility and estimates the potential rebate for qualifying equipment incorporated into the design of the facility.

New Construction rebates are paid based on when the customer enters the rebate process during construction.  The rebates are divided into two tiers:

• Tier 1 – Applications received up to issuance of Certificate of Occupancy pay 100% of the qualifying rebate.

• Tier 2 – Applications received up to six months after the Certificate of Occupancy issuance pay 50% of the qualifying rebate.

Standard commercial rebates are offered for the equipment and systems listed below.  However, Austin Energy is willing to consider rebates for any custom technology or strategy that reduces on-peak electrical demand.

High-Efficiency Lighting Systems

• T8 and T5 fluorescent systems

• Induction systems

• LED lighting

• Daylight dimming systems (rebated when not a Code requirement)

• Occupancy sensors (rebated when not a Code


A lighting compliance certificate (or “COMCheck”) is required for new construction and major renovations, showing actual and allowable lighting loads.

High-Efficiency Air Conditioners

• DX split systems

• DX roof top units

• DX variable refrigerant flow systems

• Water source heat pumps

• Air-cooled and water-cooled chillers

Electric Motors and Controls

• Electronically commutated motors (ECM)

• Variable frequency drive (VFD) motor controls

As of September 1, 2016, the baseline for all new construction- related incentives is the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC 2015).  Equipment installed must exceed IECC 2015 minimum efficiency standards in order to be qualified for incentives and rebates.

Commercial Existing Construction Rebates

Large commercial chillers on roof of commercial building

Massive chillers can cost millions of dollars in electricity over the life of the units. New chillers can save 50% compared to models installed a generation ago.


Austin Energy offers its commercial customers financial incentives to encourage the purchase and installation of high efficiency equipment in a wide range of technologies.

Eligible technologies include:

• Lighting


– Air-cooled and water-cooled chillers

– DX air conditioning

– Cooling towers

• Building envelope

– Ceiling and roof insulation

– Window treatments

– Reflective roof coating

• Commercial kitchen equipment

• Custom technologies

• Data center efficiency

• Electronically commutated motors (ECM)

• Energy recovery ventilators

• Guest room controllers

• Heat pump water heaters

• Transformers

• Uninterrupted power supplies (UPS)

• Variable frequency drives (VFD)

Austin Energy can help you complete energy conservation projects by providing rebates that offset part of the cost of new, more efficient equipment. To participate, contact Austin Energy at (512) 482-5346 or

Thermal Energy Storage

The Thermal Energy Storage (TES) rebate program offers mid to large commercial customers a method of reducing their air-conditioning expenses without compromising comfort. This proven technology uses conventional refrigeration equipment and storage tanks to shift all or most of the chiller operation from on-peak to off-peak energy use periods.

Austin Energy provides commercial customers with rebates for TES systems that are custom designed to each building requirement. Incentives for feasibility studies are available to qualified commercial customers. For more information, contact Austin Energy at (512) 482-5346.

Small Business Incentives

With the Small Business Lighting Program, the customer pays a portion of the cost upfront to replace old inefficient lighting with new energy efficient lighting and Austin Energy pays the rest.

The work is done utilizing registered lighting contractors who are licensed and insured, installing equipment with full manufacturer warranties. Customers have the advantages of volume discounts, low up-front costs, competitive bidding for the best price and no rebate paperwork. For more information, contact the Small Business Lighting Program at (512) 505-3704 or

On top of Austin Energy’s extensive rebate offerings, small businesses, small non-profits and houses of worship are eligible for an additional 30% bonus rebate on all standard commercial rebates, with the exception of solar rebates. For more information, contact Austin Energy at (512) 482-5346 or

Small businesses can save up to $110 by investing in WiFi thermostat technology.  First, purchase and install one of Austin Energy-approved WiFi thermostats and apply for a $25 rebate.  Then enroll your WiFi thermostat in our Power Partner Thermostat Program and get $85 back for your participation.  Plus enjoy the control and comfort your new WiFi thermostat provides and saves money and energy anywhere, anytime.  Visit for more information and a list of qualifying WiFi thermostats.

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