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GAIA Permaculture DesignGAIA Permaculture Design - Logo

Ross Ramey • (512) 745-6730


Gaia’s offers a dynamic approach to Landscape Design, with a wide variety of options to consider.  Our clients’ goals serve as the backbone for designs that blend permanent aesthetic abundance, with practical applications to suit the extremes of our climate.

We have an in depth knowledge of what grows well in our area, along with a nursery of rare edible species.  Our aim is to work with Nature, in establishing long lasting gardens that produce exponentially over time.  For rainwater, whether it’s managing floods or collecting enough water to make it through the summer, Gaia can help to design/install an efficient system unique to the needs of any property.

Resolution GardensResolution Gardens Logo

Randy Jewart • (512) 743-4245


Resolution Gardens is a full-service landscaping company with a special focus on food.  Our motto is “Grow Food — We’ll Help.”  We are passionate believers in the health benefits of home-based food growing for our bodies, the environment and our local economy.  We offer raised-bed garden kits, design and construction of edible landscapes and traditional victory gardens.  We also will refurbish existing gardens.  We’ll do anything to help you achieve your gardening goals.  Since 2009 we’ve built over 800 garden projects in Greater Austin and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The city of Austin is 800,000 acres — we see enormous potential to grow food for our community right here!

Southern Exposure

Kirby Fry • (512) 663-9538


We build houses and edible, beneficial perennial gardens.


Symbiosis Regenerative SystemsSymbiosis Logo

Michael Wolfert • (512) 815-2537


At Symbiosis Regenerative Systems we design properties to grow food, build healthy soil, prevent erosion and flooding, and recharge aquifers, ponds and lakes.  Our regenerative designs increase quality of life and help people reconnect to nature as stewards of their land. On top of that, we can increase property values by adding access roads, rain tanks, fencing, water features, gardens, orchards, terraces, and more.  We strive to help our clients live a regenerative lifestyle while improving their land and enjoying this deeply satisfying process.

YardFarmYard Farm Logo

Zachary Herigodt • (512) 961-7117


Gardens you can eat!  YardFarm designs & constructs beautiful veggie gardens, native landscapes, modern architectural details & irrigation systems.  YardFarm has been building veggie gardens and sustainable landscapes since 2009 and has completed hundreds of projects, small and large.  We work in a variety of materials and our craftsmen take pride in creating productive and enjoyable gardens and landscapes that are resilient, waterwise, and beautiful.

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