Youth Climate Strike, Texas Capitol, September 20, 2019

350 Austin
510 Harris Drive
Austin, TX 78737
Martha Carleton (845) 750-3093
Facebook: 350 Austin
Purpose: 350 Austin is the local affiliate of, a grassroots, global climate movement. We are leading the way to a fossil-free Austin. Our purpose is to “act locally in the global climate movement.” Our goals are: (1) keep carbon in the ground; (2) help build a new, more equitable low-carbon economy; (3) pressure governments into reducing emissions. Our fundamental principles are Climate Justice, Collaboration, and Mass Mobilization.
Projects/Activities: Three campaigns: (1) Pressuring the City of Austin to go fossil-free faster — no gas or coal; (2) Shutting down the nearby Fayette coal plant; (3) Helping the City and other institutions divest their pension and endowment investments from fossil fuel companies
Meetings: Monthly Open Meeting every 3rd Tuesday at the First UU Church (4700 Grover), 6:50 PM. Check Web site or Facebook for changes.
Volunteer Opportunities: Divestment and fossil-fuel research; fundraising; attending public meetings to speak truth to power; social media; tablesmithing at events; Web site development; data analysis; graphics design; monitoring government and regulatory agencies; event planning; building relationships with collaborators; and outreach.

Climate Buddies
4002 Edgerock Drive
Austin, TX 78731
Greg Choban (512) 297-3615
Purpose: Climate Buddies is a volunteer organization that promotes dramatic reductions at the grassroots level in both atmospheric greenhouse gases and reliance on fossil fuels, while promoting rapidly increased reliance on renewable energy. We educate and empower people to include climate change considerations into every decision they make. We focus on live interaction with groups of people including spiritual, public and academia.
Projects/Activities: Our Faith and Energy Action Team (FEAT) assists Austin religious congregations of all faiths to become carbon neutral. FEAT conducts carbon audits of facilities and congregational activities and provides guidance for reducing carbon and saving money on utility costs. We also educate many different groups within Austin on ways and means of becoming carbon neutral.
Volunteer Opportunities: Programs to reduce greenhouse gases and increase the use of renewable energy.
Newsletters/Publications: See Web site and Facebook.

Public Citizen
309 E. 11th Street, Suite 2
Austin, TX 78701
Adrian Shelley (512) 477-1155
Twitter/Instagram: @PublicCitizenTX
Purpose: Public Citizen is a nonprofit consumer advocacy organization that champions the public interest in the halls of power. Our Texas office works for clean energy, clean environment, and clean government. Our staff advocates for progressive policies including climate action, fossil fuel retirement, clean energy adoption, public health and air pollution, chemical safety, nuclear waste policy, government ethics and reform, and voting rights. We work at the state and local levels, and on national policy in conjunction with our headquarters in Washington D.C.
Volunteer Opportunities: Public Citizen runs an internship program year round. Advocacy opportunities are shared with our members, our e-mail recipients, and our social media followers.
Dues: $20; see

Solar Austin
309 E. 11th Street, Suite 2
Austin, TX 78701
Kaiba White (607) 339-9854
Purpose: Solar Austin works to accelerate the transition to clean renewable energy in Central Texas to build a healthy community and a strong local economy.
Projects/Activities: We advocate for renewable energy and energy efficiency. Solar Austin was instrumental in getting aggressive solar programs and goals into Austin Energy’s Strategic Plan and continues to be a bridge between citizens, the solar industry, community nonprofits, Austin Energy, Austin’s City Council, and the City’s Electric Utility and Resource Management Commissions to help craft a future that works for everyone.
Meetings: Solar Austin Happy Hour is the 4th Tuesday of most months from 5:30 to 8:00 PM at Scholz Garten. Happy hour starts with networking and speakers address topics that relate to solar and other clean energy solutions, including policies, programs, technologies, and the energy market.
Volunteer Opportunities: Various advocacy campaigns, happy hours, and other events.
Newsletters/Publications: The Solar Austin Listserv: e-mail to be added.
Dues: Contributions welcomed – Solar Austin relies on your donations to run successful advocacy campaigns.

Texas Solar Energy Society
P.O. Box 1447
Austin, TX 78767-1447
Patrice ‘Pete’ Parsons (210) 722-7270
Purpose: Texas Solar Energy Society (TXSES) promotes the adoption of clean, safe, locally harvested solar energy for every Texan. Local chapters are in Austin, North Texas, San Antonio, and Houston.
Projects/Activities: The TXSES Web site is often the first stop people make when considering adopting solar energy.
In June, TXSES partners with Austin Energy Green Building for the Austin Cool House Tour, showcasing the latest in sustainable residential design and construction. Solar is a component of the tour, but the first emphasis is the importance of creating structures that use less energy. The architects, designers, building professionals, and often the owners, are on hand at each project to answer questions. Austin Energy Green Building staff are also available.
In the fall, TXSES and Solar Austin partner with Bluebonnet Electric Coop for a solar home tour and installer fair. As with the Cool House Tour, we believe that people who have made a commitment to adopt solar are the best promoters of efficiency and renewable power.
Meetings: Annual meeting in January. Chapters throughout the state meet monthly or quarterly.
Volunteer Opportunities: The Austin Cool House Tour in June. You need not be a solar/energy efficiency expert, just have a ready smile.
Newsletters/Publications: The Solar Reflector, 3 times/year; and Solar News of Note, 3 times/year. Join mailing list on Web site.
Dues: Start at $25/Individual; $150-$1,000/Business.

Environmental Justice

PODER (People Organized in Defense of Earth and Her Resources)
P.O. Box 6237
Austin, TX 78762
Susana Almanza (512) 401-3311
Purpose: To promote community empowerment and community involvement (recruitment), PODER has undertaken programs, projects, annual celebrations and workshops and/or trainings.  These include the following:
1) “Transportation & Quality of Life,” which advances the understanding & involvement of transportation planning & the decision-making process.
2) “Land Use & Community Health Action” (LUCHA), which addresses environmental, economic, health & cultural impacts of land use and community development.
3) “Nahui-Ollin Healthy Communities Project” works with parents & youth to address air, energy, water quality, land use, and impacts of chemicals.
4) Protection of our natural resources through the Roy Guerrero Colorado River Park, Oak Springs Preserve, & Montopolis Greenbelt Sacred Trail projects.
5) “The Young Scholars for Justice Leadership Development Program,” integrating youth and young adults into all of PODER’s work.
6) Annual celebrations, which include Festival de las Plantas, Cesar E. Chavez March, International Women’s Month, and Earth Day.
Meetings: Call for information.

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