EcoRise Youth Innovations
1023 Springdale Rd., Bldg. 1, Ste J
Austin, TX 78721
Gina LaMotte (512) 651-3563
Purpose: EcoRise Youth Innovations inspires a new generation of leaders to design a sustainable future for all. Our school-based program empowers youth to tackle real-world challenges in their schools and communities by teaching sustainability, design innovation, and social entrepreneurship.
Projects/Activities: In our program, K-12 students in public, private and charter schools across Texas and beyond learn eco-literacy and design skills to green their own school or invent solutions for sustainability. We emphasize the 21st century skills and technology literacy needed to be successful in college and the workforce. EcoRise also provides project funding, professional development for teachers, and green design professional contacts to act as classroom mentors – offering exposure and experience in promising career options in the fields of design and sustainable technology.
We sponsor an annual “Citywide Eco-Audit Showcase” at Austin City Hall in May.
Volunteer Opportunities: We rely on volunteer architects, green builders, scientists, and green business leaders to inspire and direct our students at special points in our program. Volunteers serve as judges for our student competition. We also welcome those who’d like to help dig, build, construct, paint, and more for school-based projects.

Austin YouthWorks’ Texas Conservation Corps trains
young adults ages 17 to 28 through environmental service projects

Texas Conservation Corps
1901 E. Ben White Blvd.
Austin, TX 78741
Jody Karr: (512) 983-9946
FAX: (512) 692-0769
Purpose: The Texas Conservation Corps (TxCC) is a green jobs training and service program at American YouthWorks that provides youth and young adults (ages 17-28) with opportunities to complete environmental service projects in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. As an AmeriCorps program, TxCC engages local and national program participants in a crew-based structure to foster a transformative learning experience. AmeriCorps members learn conservation job skills and earn industry standard certifications while receiving a living allowance, college scholarship award, and student loan forbearance.
Projects/Activities: Conservation, Habitat Restoration, Invasives Removal, Park Improvement, Trail Building/Maintenance, Hazardous Tree Removal, Disaster Response.
Crew orientations generally occur each January and June and terms last for 6-month or 11-month sessions.

Urban Patchworks creates landscapes and playscapes that extend classrooms outdoors

Urban Patchwork – Outdoor Learning Environments
Paige Oliverio (512) 662-1854
P.O. Box 300525
Austin, TX 78703
Purpose: Urban Patchwork’s Outdoor Learning Environments and Nature Play settings connect children with nature in ways that support age appropriate child development, inspired learning, and unstructured play. We work with school leaders, teachers, parent groups, and children to reinvent school campuses and develop support materials for educators, families, and students.
Projects/Activities: In pre-schools we work with directors to develop school yard master plans and phased implementation plans for including Outdoor Learning Environments and Nature Play in the everyday activities of the children – extending the classroom outside and bringing natural settings back to the school yard.
We help with fundraising and implementation of the plans by working with parent committees and nonprofit partners.
And we offer staff and parent training to help connect educators and parents with the inspiring outdoor spaces their children experience every day.
Volunteer Opportunities: We help schools and parent committees organize volunteer events and education activities that can reduce the cost of bringing inspiring Outdoor Learning Environments to life.

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