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PODER (People Organized in

Defense of Earth and Her Resources)

P.O. Box 6237

Austin, TX 78762

Susana Almanza (512) 401-3311

E-mail: poder.austin@gmail.com

Net:  poder-texas.org

Purpose: To promote community empowerment and community involvement (recruitment), PODER has undertaken programs, projects, annual celebrations and workshops and/or trainings.  These include the following:

1) “Transportation & Quality of Life,” which advances the understanding & involvement of transportation planning & the decision-making process.

2) “Land Use & Community Health Action” (LUCHA), which addresses environmental, economic, health & cultural impacts of land use and community development.

3) “Nahui-Ollin Healthy Communities Project” works with parents & youth to address air, energy, water quality, land use, and impacts of chemicals.

4) Protection of our natural resources through the Roy Guerrero Colorado River Park, Oak Springs Preserve, & Montopolis Greenbelt Sacred Trail projects.

5) “The Young Scholars for Justice Leadership Development Program,” integrating youth and young adults into all of PODER’s work.

6) Annual celebrations, which include Festival de las Plantas, Cesar E. Chavez March, International Women’s Month, and Earth Day.

Meetings: Call for information.

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