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603 W. 13th Street, Suite 2-F
Austin, TX 78701
Emma Lindrose-Siegel (512) 934-7079
E-Mail: info@bartonspringsconservancy.org
Net: bartonspringsconservancy.org
Facebook: facebook.com/bartonspringsconservancy
Instagram: instagram.com/bartonspringsconservancy
Purpose: Barton Springs Conservancy (BSC) is guided by the mission to honor, preserve, and enhance the experience of Barton Springs through education and facility improvements. BSC was formed in 2014 to work with key Barton Springs stakeholders to identify and support projects to benefit Barton Springs. Initial efforts focused on establishing fundraising capacity and providing community input to complete the Barton Springs Bathhouse Rehabilitation project called for in the 2008 Barton Springs Master Plan and partially funded by the 2012 Bond Package. Through the community input process, a number of facility improvement and education projects have been identified.
Projects/Activities: Currently funded and completed projects include the Zilker Park Gatepost Restoration project to restore the historic entrance gateposts at the north entrance to Barton Springs Pool. Currently funded and ongoing projects include the historic Barton Springs Bathhouse Rehabilitation project. BSC plans to rehabilitate the Bathhouse to its original splendor, restore the rotunda and dressing areas, and make the facilities usable for modern needs. BSC also provides educational programming which serves children, youth, and underserved members of the community.
Volunteer Opportunities: Volunteers are needed to help with monthly pool cleanings, special events, and educational programming. E-mail us for more information.
Newsletters/Publications: Monthly e-newsletter, sign up through our Web site

Bull Creek Foundation
6701 Lakewood Drive
Austin, TX 78731
Rachel McGill (717) 439-7762
E-Mail: info@bullcreekfoundation.org
Net: bullcreekfoundation.org
Purpose: The purpose of the Bull Creek Foundation is to promote the harmonious balance between nature, recreation, and sustainable economic development in the Bull Creek watershed, bounded roughly by Highways 2222, 620, 183, and Mesa Drive. This volunteer group believes that all who have a stake in this region can work together to achieve and maintain its delicate ecological balance, and since 1994 we have demonstrated this actually works.
Volunteer Opportunities: Varied. Please contact us.
Newsletters/Publications: See Web site.

P.O. Box 328
Spicewood, Texas 78669
Jo Karr Tedder (512) 553-5827
E-Mail: JoKarrTedder.ctwc@gmail.com
Net: CentralTexasWaterCoalition.org
Facebook: facebook.com/CentralTexasWaterCoalition
Purpose: To assure that water in the Colorado River Basin should be managed in a way that maintains the biological and ecological soundness of its rivers, lakes, bays, and estuaries.
CTWC’s primary mission is to advocate for the preservation and conservation of the Highland Lakes’ water supply and water levels for the benefit of human health, safety, and recreation, and to preserve the Highland Lakes’ role as an irreplaceable economic engine for the State of Texas. Central Texas Water Coalition will bring together concerned individuals and groups to constructively address water issues of the Lower Colorado River Basin. Partners include lake residents, business owners, municipal officials, homeowner associations, environmentalists, and stakeholder organizations.
Investments in water conservation and efficiency, including but not limited to reducing water losses in water distribution systems, should be a top priority before major investments in increasing supplies.

Friends of Barton Springs Pool
P.O. Box 685286
Austin, TX 78768-5286
E-Mail: info@friendsofbartonspringspool.org
Net: friendsofbartonspringspool.org
Purpose: We are dedicated to returning the Barton Springs Pool to its rightful glory. Since 2006, we have organized 7 pool cleaning events and 1,500 volunteer hours/year to make the pool a better place for the salamanders, springs and swimmers.
We worked with the City Council and Aquatics staff to develop a resolution to create and fund a Barton Springs Master Plan to repair the decaying pool facilities and infrastructure, which was adopted in 2009. Since then we have been advocating for improvements in the Master Plan including testing of dams, bypass tunnel repair, sediment removal, general grounds improvements, and rehabilitation of the historic Barton Springs Bathhouse.
Projects/Activities: Support Volunteer Pool cleanings, restoring aquatic plants in the pool, planting trees, and pursuing infrastructure improvements defined in the Master Plan. Advocate safety improvements in Barton Creek, as well as protection of the aquifer and springs. Major events include Council Cleans the Pool Day, New Year’s Day Polar Plunge, Membership Picnic.
Meetings: Monthly Board Meeting, Feb. – Oct.
Volunteer Opportunities: See Web site
Dues: $25/year, or volunteer for a 2-hour pool cleaning session.

Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance
P.O. Box 15618
San Antonio, Texas 78212
Annalisa Peace (210) 320-6294
FAX: (210) 320-1457
E-Mail: Annalisa@AquiferAlliance.org
Net: AquiferAlliance.org
Facebook: facebook.com/Greater-Edwards-Aquifer-Alliance-GEAA-74467896453/?epa=SEARCH_BOX
Purpose: Founded in 2005, GEAA counts among our many successes the awful projects that you don’t see despoiling or polluting central Texas. We unite 52 diverse member organizations and thousands of Texans to advocate protection of the Edwards and Trinity aquifers and watersheds, flora and fauna, and the history and culture of the Texas Hill Country.
Projects/Activities: Member groups, citizens, news media, elected officials and public agencies rely on GEAA for technical expertise regarding management and protection of the Edwards and Trinity karst aquifers. We assist citizens in contesting permits, fundraising, development and advocacy of policy and best management practices.
Meetings: Ad Hoc meetings held to address various issues. Notice posted on Facebook page.
Volunteer Opportunities: Experts in the fields of hydrology, geology, biology, civil engineering, and other related specialties. GEAA partners interns with various experts for research projects for course credit.
Newsletters/Publications: Sign up for action alerts on Web site, especially when the state legislature is in session.
Dues: Individuals $75/year ($25/Seniors/students).

Protect Lake Travis Association
13359 FM 2769
Austin, TX 78726
Lonnie Moore (512) 413-4306
E-Mail: info@protectlaketravis.org
Facebook: facebook.com/protectlaketravis
Purpose: The Protect Lake Travis Association guards Lake Travis and its watershed from any events and conditions that could affect the health and safety of area residents, recreational users of the lake, and area wildlife. It also protects the aesthetic natural beauty of the area.
Projects/Activities: The Association is working on eliminating and preventing direct discharge permits to the lake, instead encouraging land irrigation with the treated wastewater. The Association promotes education of the citizenry on preventing pollution of the lake from septic tanks, lawn chemicals, and improper boating practices, and it participates and supports lake cleanup efforts.
Dues: Voluntary, $20/year suggested.

Save Barton Creek Association
P. O. Box 5923
Austin, TX 78763
Clark Hancock (512) 480-0055
E-mail: SBCA@savebartoncreek.org
Net: savebartoncreek.org
Purpose: SBCA focuses on public education, land conservation, and public policy advocacy for the long-term protection of the Barton Springs Edwards Aquifer. The aquifer is the source of the fourth-largest springs in Texas and has been determined to be the aquifer in Texas most susceptible to pollution. Its karst limestone composition does not filter pollution as some sand aquifers do, so essentially “What goes in, comes out.” And sometimes comes out quickly – right into Barton Springs Pool in Zilker Park. The Barton Springs outflow of more than 30 million gallons per day soon flows into the Colorado River.
Projects/Activities: The Association performs and sponsors many projects that educate the public and especially children on the importance of water quality and protecting the aquifer, such as the Goat Cave Karst Preserve education restoration, stewardship of the Shudde Fath Tract, Splash! Exhibit at Barton Springs pool, Living Springs documentary, Texas River School programming, aquifer scientific research, and others.
Meetings: General Meetings are held 2nd Mondays at 6 PM (check our Web site for current location). Board Meetings are 4th Mondays from 7 to 9 PM at Casa Maria (4327 S. 1st). Anyone may attend general meetings. Please e-mail us if you’d like to attend a board meeting.
Volunteer Opportunities: Volunteers may be needed for clean-ups, to help with events, and for canoe trips with the Colorado River School. E-mail us for information.
Dues: $10/Students; $30/Individuals; contributions in any amount are appreciated and go directly towards programming.

Save Our Springs Alliance
4701 West Gate Blvd., D-401
Austin, TX 78745
Pat Brodnax (512) 477-2320, Ext. 101
FAX: (512) 477-6410
E-mail: sosinfo@sosalliance.org
Net: sosalliance.org
Facebook: facebook.com/sosalliance
Purpose: Save Our Springs is a nonprofit alliance of activists, scientists, lawyers, and educators working to protect the springs of the Edwards Aquifer and the land, water, and wildlife of the Texas Hill Country. We accomplish this by steering development downstream and limiting pumping so our streams and springs keep flowing through droughts and a changing climate.
Volunteer Opportunities: Go to: SOSAlliance.org
Dues: $10/Students & seniors; $20/Basic; $50-200/Business partner.

Shoal Creek Conservancy
P.O. Box 11520
Austin, TX 78711
(512) 474-2412
E-Mail: info@shoalcreekconservancy.org
Net: shoalcreekconservancy.org
Facebook: facebook.com/shoalcreekconservancy
Purpose: Shoal Creek Conservancy mobilizes the community to champion Shoal Creek and its Trail. Our vision includes a fishable, swimmable creek and a trail that is part of an accessible, city-wide trail system. These make being active a fun, easy, and daily choice for people of all ages and abilities.
Projects/Activities: The Conservancy spearheads long-term improvement projects as well as free, public events to welcome the community to Shoal Creek. We’re currently facilitating creation of the Shoal Creek Watershed Action Plan, a stakeholder-guided plan to define actionable, science-based solutions to the watershed’s multiple interconnected water-related challenges.
Volunteer Opportunities: SCC hosts monthly volunteer service days, free and open to the public. View the schedule of events and sign up on our Web site.

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