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Austin Bat Refuge
P.O. Box 49902
Austin, TX 78765
Lee Mackenzie (512) 695-4116
E-Mail: leemack@AustinBatRefuge.org
Net: austinbatrefuge.org
Facebook: facebook.com/austinbat
Purpose: Bat Rehabilitation, Educational Outreach, Conflict Resolution.
We are the only group that actively cares directly for individual bats.  If you find a bat in trouble, call us to learn how to safely contain it for transport.
Our education table has been a weekend staple at Congress Avenue Bridge for the past 6 years.  We also provide programs to organizations, agencies and groups, including master naturalists, health departments, animal control officers, schools (on a sliding scale), and neighborhood groups.
Our conflict resolution services assist with information about bats in your home or office.  Our urban mist netting pilot program allows us to remove bats from tall ceilings.
Projects/Activities: Friday Night Flights!  Weekend educational outreach at Congress Avenue Bridge, with a rehabilitated bat release many nights during the bat season from March to October.
Watch our Facebook page for other activities throughout the year, including bat walks and tabling at events.
Volunteer Opportunities: See our Web site “Get Involved” page.
Newsletters/Publications: Sign up here for our quarterly newsletter:  austinbatrefuge.org/contact/
Dues: $40/year; or what you can afford.

Bat Conservation International
500 N Capital of TX Hwy., Bldg. 1
Austin, TX 78746
(512) 327-9721
E-mail: info@batcon.org
Net: batcon.org
Facebook: facebook.com/BatCon
Twitter: twitter.com/BatConIntl
Instagram: instagram.com/batconservationinternational
Purpose: Our mission is to end bat extinctions worldwide. Bats play a vitally important role in our world, as they consume insects, pollinate our plants and disperse seeds to regenerate our forests. However, they are under threat and require our concentrated international action.
With the help of partner organizations, we conserve caves, restore critical habitats in danger, and ensure the survival of these extraordinary mammals.
BCI is proud to have its headquarters in Austin, the “Bat Capital of America.”
Newsletters/Publications: BATS magazine (3 editions a year), Bat Chat, e-newsletter.
Dues: From $35 –$1,000/year.

Horned Lizard Conservation Society
P.O. Box 122
Austin, TX 78767
E-mail: hornedlizardinfo@gmail.com
Net: hornedlizards.org
Purpose: We are an international organization dedicated to the conservation of all horned lizard species throughout their ranges.
Projects/Activities: Grant program for horned lizard conservation and research projects, status surveys, speaking/presentations to groups, booth sitting, field trips.
Meetings: We have a biennial meeting. Our next meeting is in 2020.
Volunteer Opportunities: Field surveys for horned lizard research, contributing to the newsletter, fundraising, booth sitting/education.
Newsletters/Publications: Phrynosomatics, published quarterly.
Dues: $25/Regular; $10/Students & Seniors; $50/Contributing members, $300/Lifetime members.

National Wildlife Federation
South Central Regional Center
505 East Huntland Drive, Suite 485
Austin, TX 78752
Shell Rumohr (512) 476-9805
FAX: (512) 476-9810
E-Mail: scrc@nwf.org
Net: nwf.org/southcentral
Facebook: facebook.com/NWFSouthCentral
Purpose: The National Wildlife Federation (NWF) is America’s largest conservation organization, with a mission to unite Americans to ensure wildlife thrive in a rapidly-changing world.
Projects/Activities: Our Austin-based work includes:
• Environmental Education – NWF helps connect Austin students to nature while providing teachers with tools to engage students in science and math learning experiences.
• Monarch Recovery – We work with the City of Austin to help reverse the decline of monarch butterfly populations.
• Protecting Texas Rivers – NWF works to ensure that Texas manages its limited fresh water resources for the benefit of both people and wildlife.
• Restoring the Gulf of Mexico – The Program works to ensure healthy waters and resilient coasts for the Gulf’s people and wildlife.
Volunteer Opportunities: Volunteer interns (earning school credit) have assisted us with Outreach, Environmental Education, Marine Science, and Media & Communications. Office volunteers are also welcome.
Newsletters/Publications: Quarterly e-newsletter available by request to scrc@nwf.org. National Wildlife, national member’s magazine. Children’s publications: Ranger Rick and Ranger Rick Jr.
Dues: $15/year; includes membership magazine.

Austin Wildlife Rescue
P.O. Box 302695
Austin, TX 78703
Rescue Hotline: (512) 472-9453
E-mail: info@austinwildliferescue.org
Net: austinwildliferescue.org
Purpose: Austin Wildlife Rescue serves the citizens and wildlife of Central Texas by providing direct assistance to the public concerning questions, problems, and conflicts with native wild animals. AWR rescues and rehabilitates orphaned, injured and sick wild animals, and educates the public to coexist with wildlife.
Volunteer Opportunities: Answering rescue hotline; assisting animal care staff; transporting animals; fundraising. The volunteer application is posted on our Web site, and we train new volunteers three times/year.
Newsletters/Publications: Critter Chronicle, members.
Donations: $20/Individual; $25/Family; $50/Sponsor; $100/Patron; $250/Protector; $500/Conservator. AWR is a 501c3 nonprofit, and all donations are

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