Food – Preventing Food Waste

Courtesy Central Texas Food Bank


Unspoiled food that would otherwise go to waste can be reduced by donating it to the established network of food redistributors in Central Texas.  One of the premier organizations and clearinghouses for donated food in our region is the Central Texas Food Bank. This umbrella group receives donations from restaurants, grocery stores, and leftovers from large parties and banquets.

Food can be accepted if it meets certain guidelines.

• The Food Bank’s mobile collection system generally requires quantities of 200 pounds.

• Pick-ups are during weekdays.

  Food must be properly packaged.  Perishable food means that in many cases, it must be refrigerated or frozen.

• Food already offered to the public is not accepted.

• If food is prepared, ingredient labels are preferred, but allergen labels are required.

• Individuals can drop off non-perishable food or whole produce (e.g., garden produce) at our warehouse.

• Businesses can drop off perishable (meat, dairy, etc.) and non-perishable food at our warehouse.

The Food Bank building is located at 6500 Metropolis (at cross streets of Metropolis and Burleson), Austin, TX 78744, on weekdays between 8 AM and 5 PM.  (Use back dock at Burleson entrance.)  For more information, the donation coordinators can be reached at (512) 684-2523, and (512) 684-2530.

While the Food Bank is one place to donate, many other food redistributors and emergency food providers are listed on the organization’s Web site under the “Get Help” section (  Many of these other organizations also pick up donations, some on weekends.

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