Multifamily Conservation Programs

Multifamily Rebates

Exterior of an Apartment Complex

The Austin Energy Multifamily Rebate Program provides rebates to install energy-efficiency improvements in multifamily communities.  Rebates up to $300,000 are available to multifamily properties with four or more rental units, or a combination of multiple and contiguous duplex or triplex units that are owned or managed by one person or entity.  The rebates pay $400 per kilowatt for single measure improvements.

Energy efficient measures include:

• Duct sealing and remediation

• Water-saving devices

• Programmable thermostats

• Attic insulation

• Solar window screens

• LED high-efficiency lighting

Bundled measure rebates pay $500 per kilowatt for projects that include multiple efficiency measures.  The bundled rebate projects must include water-saving devices and any two of the single measure rebate offerings.  Rebates for qualified low income and affordable housing development are also available and can cover up to 100% of the cost.  Austin Energy partners with the Austin Water Conservation program at the Austin Water Utility to provide water saving devices at no cost to the owner. Devices include low flow shower heads and kitchen and bathroom aerators, and are installed by the contractor performing the work.  All work is inspected by Austin Energy inspectors and by a third party quality control contractor.  (All rebate amounts are subject to change.)

Benefits to Owner and Residents

In 2016, energy improvements were installed in more than 7,000 apartment units throughout Austin that benefitted both the resident and the owner and leasing manager.

The improvements provide the residents:

• Lower utility bills

• Increased comfort levels

• Improved indoor air quality

The improvements provide the owner:

• Optimal performance of existing equipment to keep maintenance costs down

• Competitive advantage over non-efficient properties

• Greater resident satisfaction that can lead to reduced resident turn-over

• Improved curb appeal with solar window screen installations

• Reduced water consumption with water-saving devices

• Fewer calls to the property manager due to cooling or heating complaints

To learn more, contact:

(512) 482-5346, or visit our Web site at

Multifamily Disclosure Ordinance

Austin was the first city in the country to require apartment communities to disclose to residents and potential residents the estimated average electric bill for their apartments.  The City of Austin Energy Conservation & Audit Disclosure (ECAD) ordinance requires that apartment properties older than 10 years or on their 10-year anniversary undergo energy audits and disclose the results to residents.

This ordinance provides valuable information to residents.  This includes the amount of duct leakage affecting the efficiency of air conditioning and heating, as well as whether the apartments need more insulation, solar screens, or window film.  The properties must provide an Energy Guide to prospective and current residents at the time of lease application or renewal.  The  Guide estimates the average electric bill for the apartment compared to other apartments in Austin.  The guide must also be made available upon request by current residents.

ECAD Rating Label

Over 850 Austin apartment communities have undergone energy audits to comply with the law.  The ordinance also requires that apartment properties with energy use per square foot exceeding 50% of the average Austin apartment reduce energy use by 20%.

The City of Austin Data Portal ( helps prospective tenants search for energy-efficient apartment properties in the Austin Energy service area.  Search for “ECAD” on the portal.  If an apartment community is unaware of the ordinance or does not provide ECAD results, contact the Austin Energy ECAD Team who will assist the property owner with compliance.  Call (512) 482-5346, or visit

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