Partners for Education Agriculture & Sustainability

Outdoor garden training class

Partners for Education Agriculture & Sustainability
c/o Cunningham Elementary School, 2200 Berkeley Ave.
Austin, TX 78745
Lauren Zappone Maples (512) 348-8743
PEAS connects children and communities to nature and outdoor learning through place-based outdoor learning in school green-spaces and community gardens. We teach children the importance of caring for our environment, and teach teachers how to give children an outdoor education experience. Our curriculum is aligned with state requirements and chronologically aligned.
Audiences: Schools Pre-K – 7. In 2019, 19 Central Texas schools had PEAS programs.
Outdoor Education Program: Our educators work directly with teachers and their classes, using gardens and sometimes kitchens to teach lessons in science, health, and nutrition. Classes are ongoing throughout the school year. Lessons include: soil production; weather; compost; water; insects; habitats; plant structures; plant adaptations; and food preparation. We lead lessons while teachers enhance their outdoor leadership skills by participating in lessons with their classes. PEAS does not build gardens but supports schools by ensuring they are used for learning.
Organized Structure: Registration for the next school year opens in December. Costs per school range depending on the frequency of lessons, economic status of school, and availability of grant funding. Programs range from twice a month lessons to several a week depending on the needs of the school community and availability of funding. Refer to Web site for current info.

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