Program intended to help poor sometimes benefits wealthy

Note: This otherwise good story quotes Austin Energy as saying some poor people use a lot of electricity, and it would be unfair to eliminate low-income discounts to these high energy users.

Such instances are relatively rare.  Local and national statistics prove high consumption is linked to higher incomes.  Austin’s water utility will not give low-income discounts for high-volume water use.



Program intended to help poor sometimes benefits wealthy

Andy Pierrotti, KVUE10:07 p.m. CDT July 13, 2015

AUSTIN — A KVUE Defenders investigation uncovered an Austin Energy program intended to help the poor sometimes benefits the wealthy, too.

Austin Energy’s Customer Assistance Program, or CAP, is designed to help low-income residents pay their utility bills.

CAP saves people like Anne Nyland about 10 to 20 percent on her monthly bill, but the Defenders found some recipients living in multi-million dollar homes.

The company is working to correct the problem, but at least one consumer advocates argues the changes do not go far enough.

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