Westcave Outdoor Discovery Center

Grotto at Westcave Outdoor Discovery Center

Westcave Outdoor Discovery Center
24814 Hamilton Pool Road
Round Mountain, TX 78663
Paul Vickery (830) 825-3442
E-Mail: info@westcave.org
Net: westcave.org
Westcave Preserve is an ecological community of exceptional beauty located on 75 acres in the Hill Country. A semi-tropical grotto cuts deep within its sheltered canyon by perennially falling water. Orchids and cypress trees share the cool, moist, terrarium-like setting while cactus and juniper grow in the hot, dry habitat above the canyon rim. Our mission is to inspire people to develop a lifelong practice of enjoying and protecting nature.
Audiences: Schools Pre-K – 12; Families.
School Programs: 1) The Westcave Story – Geology, local flora and fauna, history of the land, and current conservation efforts; 2) Water: Lifeblood of the Earth – Hydrogeology of the property, watersheds, point and non-point source pollution; 3)Animal and Botanical Marvels – Collecting observation data for animal sightings, animal evidence, leaf shapes and evaluating habitat; 4) Custom Programs – Developed to fit the needs/goals of most groups.
All tours are weather permitting, and include guided hikes into the Canyon, Cave and Grotto areas. Maximum of 60 people (students and adults) per date. Cost varies from $4-$30 depending on program/timing (minimum charge may apply for small groups). Programs usually last 3-4 hours.
Adult Tours: Weekday tours for organized groups up to 60 people. Check Web site for timing and online reservations.

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